The East Montrose Civic Association (“EMCA”) is kicking off their 2024-2025 S.E.A.L. Security campaign to rehire S.E.A.L. Security through the end of May 2024. S.E.A.L Security will cost ~$5,000 per month. We need to have a minimum of 120 neighbors sign up before we can rehire S.E.A.L. Security.

To help protect your neighborhood, please sign up by completing one of the payment options below. Once you have subscribed, please email your contact information (name, address, email, phone number). This information will help us in providing you with updates, including when we reach the 120 subscribers!

Payment Options:

         EMCA Members
         -Yearly $450
         -Quarterly $112.50
         -Monthly $ 37.50

Non EMCA members will be required to make a yearly payment of $25 to become a member of EMCA and subscribe to the security patrol.

In addition to Billsby managing the subscriptions, if you prefer, you can also drop a check for your subscription amount payable to EMCA in the (locked) mailbox at 503 Welch Street.

If you want to change plans, you can go to the link below and re-subscribe using one of the options above.

We have an additional option which is to donate any amount in multiples of $50 for our pilot program which consists of installing a flock safety camera(s) in our neighborhood to help police fight crime and to keep our neighbor safe. Cameras work 24/7, they have license plate recognition and will alert police if a wanted vehicle is in our area and the artificial intelligence creates a fingerprint for each vehicle to help identify characteristics on each vehicle and help law enforcement in any investigation related to our neighborhood. More information can be found in the following path.

Additional Security Information: 
The patrol area can be found on the below map, focusing on the areas around those who have subscribed and may include coverage for subscribers immediately outside the boundaries of EMCA.

East Montrose Patrol Map

Subscribers receive the following benefits:

1-Dedicated security phone number for East Montrose

2-Vacation Watch

3-Welfare Checks

4-Safety Escorts when on duty

5-Yard Sign indicating support for the program

Click here for Q&A with S.E.A.L. COO James Alexander on Saturday, Feb 5th, 2022.

All questions and concerns can be sent to