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The East Montrose Home Tour is BACK!

 Did you know that East Montrose Civic Association puts on a really cool Home Tour/Art Walk? It's a biennial event and the next one is 

Saturday April 22 from 10am to 4pm

The tour will highlight a wide variety of architectural styles featuring six homes from historic to modern.  Tour goers can get a glimpse of how the architecture has been transformed over the years, with the results of unique and diverse renovations that are characteristic of this distinctive, eclectic neighborhood.

Also make time for the Art Walk; artists will open their studios for a glimpse behind the scenes.  

We need help organizing this event, can you spend a few hours? 
We have most of the homes but need several more, perhaps yours or someone you know? Or help with marketing (put up posters & signs).  
Or volunteer as a docent? 
Send me a message, would love the help. 713-545-2909 or bmaxey@mediadesigninc.com

Bill Maxey

Check out the 2015 Home Tour Photo Album and 2011 Photo Album for highlights!


The East Montrose neighborhood sits within the general Montrose area, central to Houston Texas. Originally established in 1911, it was planned as one of the more pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in Houston. Montrose maintains its independent spirit even as it has grown over the years.

The residents are as varied as the architecture. Here you can find a style to meet your taste, whether an original bungalow, remodel, a new four story townhouse or mansion, stately historic home or even a live/work building. The community exemplifies an independent spirit by being developed privately through individuals rather than as a reflection of public government policies.

East Montrose neighborhood is a demographically diverse community with a vibrant street life, access to the Museum District, a variety of restaurants, festivals, artists, musicians, shopping, and the Medical Center. All of which are accessible via light rail, bus or walking.

In 2009 Montrose was honored to be named by the American Planning Association as one of the country's 10 great neighborhoods.

For more reading about East Montrose, see the following:

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Established in 1911, the neighborhood is a demographically diverse area with renovated mansions, bungalows with wide porches, and cottages located along tree-lined boulevards. Read more ...

Eclectic, walkable and one of top 10 (Houston Chronicle)

Montrose, the central Houston community known for its diverse lifestyles, vibrant street life and stately historic homes, is being honored by the American Planning Association today as one of the country's 10 great neighborhoods. Read more ...

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Enjoy your neighborhood!