Security Payment

The East Montrose Civic Association (“EMCA”) is kicking off their 2023 S.E.A.L. Security campaign to rehire S.E.A.L. Security through the end of December 2023. S.E.A.L Security will cost ~$7,000 per month. To participate, please complete your payment of $500 by following the steps below. The $140 increase from last year will enable us to cover the additional S.E.A.L Security expenses we did not account for last year through the end of the 2023 year.

Our EMCA boundaries will continue to stay the same: Genesee Street to the east, W. Gray Street to the north, Montrose Street to the west and Fairview Street to the south. The patrol area would be defined in the contract post orders, focusing on the areas around those who have subscribed and may include coverage for subscribers immediately outside the boundaries of EMCA.

Those who subscribe would continue to receive the following benefits:

  1. 24 Hour Hotline Number (a card will be delivered to each subscriber at their designated address)
  2. Vacation Watch
  3. Welfare Checks
  4. Addition to Home Alarm System notifications
  5. Yard Sign indicating support for the program
  6. Other benefits are available and will be communicated to subscribers

If you have not yet subscribed and are interested in more information, please contact If you have subscribed and want to verify your contact information, please email

Payment options:

(Please include your name, address, email and phone number with all payments)

  1. Pay via Zelle at
  2. Drop a check for $500 payable to EMCA in the (locked) mailbox at 402 Welch Street.
  3. If you want to pay via paypal or credit card, go to the Security Payment section on the left. The cost shown covers the additional service fees.
  4. Payments are only refundable if we do not reach our funding goal. 

Once you have subscribed, please verify your contact information by emailing This information will allow us to provide you with updates.  

Click here for Q&A with S.E.A.L. COO James Alexander on Saturday, Feb 5th, 2022.